Harbin Bonatch Technology Company Ltd. is registered under Harbin Science

and Technology University and is an independent company dependent on
advanced technology.  Research and development, sales, and customer service have been Bonatch’s main objectives.
Bonatch has a professional research and development team and numerous
sales representatives.  Since its establishment, many innovations of
Bonatch’s research and development team have been applied to its client’s
manufacturing process.  Bonatch works as acted intermediary for the products
of YSI Equipment for Water Analysis and Measurement and Motorola Wireless
Broadband Connection System.
Bonatch’s clients include government owned water systems, oil fields, and
power generators.  Bonatch’s superior technical support and customer service
has won the appreciation and acclaim of its clients.  We will make a bright future
with our customers based on products, technology and support.
No.7 Building, National Science Park, 52 Xuefu Road, Harbin, China 150080 Tel:0451-86391006 Fax:0451-82839608
ICP:09028143  Technical Support:Wxlc.Net
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